From rugged mountains to narrow canyons

The amazing classroom we have from the highest peaks in Colorado to the nearby canyons of eastern Utah provide an unmatched opportunity to expand a pilot’s skill and knowledge.

Become the best pilot you can be.

Don’t settle for taking lessons at the typical metropolitan pilot mill school where they teach private, instrument, commercial to a the minimal level of proficiency. Instead seek to be the very best pilot you can learning in challenging environments and being taught to higher standards.

Mountain Training

Have you ever wanted to venture into the mountains with your airplane, but worried that you may not be ready for the challenge? Consider getting some mountain training from our team of professional mountain flight instructors. The goal of this training is to equip the pilot with the basic tools of knowledge, skill and judgement to fly safely in mountainous terrain.

Accelerated Private Pilot

If you're looking at Flight Schools, Alpine Flight Training is the clear choice in the Central Colorado Rockies. We offer professional experienced instructors, reasonable rates, a convenient location, and are equipped to provide training for all levels from private pilot, to commercial pilot.

7 & 10 Day Instrument Completion

Did you stall while trying to get your instrument rating done? Get finished. Instrument Rating accelerated finish program from Alpine Flight Training. Our program is structured and efficient, you may fly your own aircraft or we have your choice of a Cessna 182 or Piper Archer II to use for your instrument training.

Accelerated Instrument Rating

Get Your Instrument Rating in 14 Days! – We offer condensed instrument rating programs and instrument finish-up programs. We have an on-site examiner and can train you in your aircraft or ours.

Backcountry Training

Alpine Flight Training offers tailored courses to pilots of all skill levels and experience. The primary goal is to teach how to be safe and to have fun in the mountains and backcountry. We offer the training depending on season in Colorado, Utah and Idaho.

Mountain Training in YOUR Aircraft

Our team of professional instructors can provide mountain instruction in your aircraft. Learn how to fly safely and confidently in the Rocky Mountains. We have experience flying many different makes/models and can help you understand the capabilities of your aircraft.

Searching for a rewarding career?

Flying can be an excellent and exciting career option. Get your start towards a new career or your first career right here at Eagle Aiport with Alpine Flight Training. Launch your new career today! Alpine Flight Training offers all levels of training at Eagle Airport to help you reach your goal of becoming a Commercial Pilot.

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Primary Training?

Primary training refers to flight training with the goal of getting a Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Commercial Certificate, flight instructor certificate or Airline Transport Pilot Certificate.

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Mountain Training?

Alpine Flight has a nationally recognized mountain training curriculum that is used by local, state and federal government agencies to train pilots to fly in complex mountain environments. You can come train in your own aircraft or our aircraft with experienced mountain instructors.

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Accelerated Training and Completion Programs

For over 20 years Alpine Flight has been assisting pilots in pushing through roadblocks to accomplish their goals to complete training for private, instrument and commercial certificates.

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