Perhaps you have been away from flying for years, or even decades.  The 2 Day VFR Refresher is a focused and condensed effort to get you back flying again.  Our strategy will be to go and review the basics – we start just as we would start a new student. Straight and level, turns, climbs, descents. We quickly move on to slow flight, stalls, ground reference maneuvers, and finally landings. Along the way, the communications skills come back naturally, as do navigation skills through the process of simply flying. On the ground we do a similar exercise, reviewing regulations, airspace, weather, performance, flight planning.

As you progress through recurrent training you’ll also have the opportunity to learn mountain flying in the heart of the Colorado Rockies.  For most people the three days is more then enough to get back to a good level of proficiency. We treat the final flight as a flight review consisting of 1 hour of ground and 1 hour of flight. As the instructor, we simply sign the logbook as a successful flight review and at that point the pilot is cleared for flight assuming they have also received a new medical.

The three day VFR refresher can also be completed in a multi-day cross country format as to expose the student to a variety of real-world operations where the student visits a variety of airspaces, airports, different locations, various weather scenarios to provide real-world operating experience to make you a confident pilot.

If you would like to learn more about recurrent training to get back into the air please contact us. We operated from Eagle County Regional Airport.

Exact cost for this course will vary greatly and depend upon whether you use your own aircraft or ours, and whether you choose to do the entire training from Eagle Airport as a series of day trips or perform multi-day cross country trips. Please see our RATES page for specific information on rates. Operations from Eagle Airport are billed as instructional hours plus aircraft expense. Multi-day trips will incur overnight fees and travel expenses.