Our Instructors

More than any other aspect, what sets Alpine Flight Training apart from other local flight schools is our instructors.  At Alpine Flight Training you will receive instruction from experienced professionals that have extensive aviation knowledge and are adept at teaching the art and science of flight.  Unlike many flight schools where the instructor is just building time for their next career, our instructors are seasoned professionals who have already made it to the top and now are coming back to instructing for the enjoyment of teaching. Our instructors practice what they teach, using their skills and strategies to fly to places like Alaska, Montana, Idaho. You can learn more about our instructors below.

Loren French

ATP | Seaplane & Landplane CFI | CFII | MEI | Gliders

Loren has worked in a variety of different aviation businesses of the last 20 years.  Prior to living in Gypsum and operating Alpine Flight Training he worked for Eclipse Aviation in Albuquerque New Mexico developing both the Eclipse 500 aircraft and the Eclipse 500 training program.

Loren holds an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) in single engine land aircraft, a commercial license in multi-engine land aircraft, single engine seaplanes, and gliders.  With over 3000 hours of instruction given, Loren holds instructional ratings for single engine and multi-engine airplanes, and instrument airplanes as well as ground instructor certificates for advanced and instrument ground instruction as well as seaplanes. Loren is a Gold Seal CFI and NAFI Master CFI.  Loren originally learned to fly at Eagle County Regional Airport in 1995, and the bulk of his 9040 hours of time has been flying and teaching in the Colorado Rockies.  In addition to instructing for Alpine Flight Training, Loren is a member of the FAAST Team (FAA Aviation Safety Team).

P Joseph BovaConti

Commercial | Single Engine Land & Sea | CFI | CFII | Ground

Joe holds a Commercial license for single engine land and sea aircraft, Instructor ratings for Aircraft, Instruments and Ground.He has logged over 3500 hrs. of which about half was giving  dual instruction. Joe received the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award from FAA for over 50 years of safe, accident and violation free flying. At Alpine Flight Joe specializes in Mountain, Backcountry and Instrument Flying

Brian Marschall


Brian is an AirBus pilot for Frontier Airlines based in Denver.  Brian frequently helps in the preparation of pilots for checkrides by playing the role of an examiner.  If you have an upcoming checkride, chances are that you’ll meet Brian during one of your mock checkrides.

John Lee


A former regional airline jet captain with over 4500 hours, John holds an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) rating for multi-engine land aircraft, with type ratings for Canadair Regional Jet (CL-65) and the Dornier 328 regional turbo-prop (DO-328).  John also holds a Commercial license for single engine land aircraft.  John has nearly 530 hours of dual instruction given, and instructional ratings for single and multi-engine airplanes as well as instrument airplanes.  Today, John operates his own business in the Vail Valley, however his aviation history and experience make him an excellent instructor and a true aviation professional.

Rusty Henson


Rusty Henson joins Alpine Flight Training this summer from Old Mexico. Learning to fly while an FAA engineer in the 70s, he continued to add airplane and helicopter instructor ratings while flying his beloved “Gladys”, a 1964 Piper Cherokee, to almost every State in the USA and from Nicaragua to the Arctic Circle.
After almost 30 years of flying the Colorado high country he moved to 500-year-old San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato in 2007. There he met a few other aviation “aficiandos” (fans) and together started “Jóvenes Águilas”, the Mexican equivalent of “Young Eagles”, to share his passion for aviation with young people there.
Rusty loves to teach and is happy to be “back in the Valley”, having worked for Vail Associates in the early days of Beaver Creek. Rusty says: ”Learning to fly and learning to fly WELL is the coolest thing you’ll ever do: the places you can go, the things you’ll see, and the people you’ll meet! “
“LET’S GO FLYING!” or, (as we say done south): “¡VAMOS A VOLAR!”

To schedule time to meet or fly with one of our instructors call Alpine Flight Training today at (970) 401-5105