Aircraft Charter (Part 135)
Piper Seneca (airport fees additional) $600.00 / Flight Hour
Overnight Trip Rate $500 + Expenses
Wait Time $100 / Hour
Aircraft Rental
DA-20-C1 Diamond Katana Evolution Rental* $154.00 / Hour
PA-28-181 Piper Archer Rental* $164.00 / Hour
Cessna 182 Rental*

Cessna 182 Rental – Backcountry


$189.00 / Hour

$250.00 / Hour (backcountry)

PA-34-200T Piper Seneca Rental* $499.00 / Hour
Instructional Rates
Flight Instruction in Alpine Flight Aircraft $85.00 / Hour
Discounted training rate – local high school or middle school students working on PPL. $75.00 / Hour
Flight Instruction in Customer Aircraft $95.00 / Hour
(requires insurance list instructor)
Other Fees
Overnight Trip Rate – Billed for instructor to accompany a pilot on overnight trip. $500 + Expenses
*Aircraft are rented wet, meaning fuel and oil costs are included. Multi-day trips are billed at rate of 2.0 hours per day if the actual flight time is less.

Requirements for Renting Alpine Flight Training Aircraft:

  • Copy of last BFR
  • Copy of Medical
  • Copy of License Front and Back
  • Demonstrated and documented knowledge and proficiency in the make and model of aircraft
  • Demonstrated and documented knowledge and proficiency regarding mountain flying
  • Minimum of 1 flight to checkout in make/model of aircraft
  • Aircraft Rental Agreement

Alpine Flight Training offers private pilot ground and flight training as well as instrument training at the Eagle County Regional Airport located in Eagle Colorado. Our training features a Diamond DA-20 Eclipse, one of the safest training aircraft in the industry, The DA-20 is the primary choice of flight schools through the nation as well as the training airplane for the US Air Force initial flight screening program. We are conveniently located within a short driving distance from Eagle, Gypsum, Glenwood Springs, Avon, Minturn, Vail, Beaver Creek, and Edwards.