Unlike the large metro schools, we are a boutique school in the Colorado Rockies. We only accept one accelerated student at a time. That means you fly every day, and have access to a dedicated group of instructors to help you progress quickly through the training. You’ll not only learn the core material, but also gain mountain flying proficiency.

Here are the current accelerated training programs offered:

  • 28 Day Private Pilot Zero to Finished
  • 10 Day Private Pilot Completion (pilots at or near solo stage to checkride)
  • 7 and 10 Day Instrument Completion Courses
  • 5 Day Instrument Instructor Course
  • 4 Day Commercial Course
  • 2 & 3 Day IFR and VFR Refresher Clinic

* For Instrument, Instrument Instructor, Private Completion and Commercial courses, the knowledge test component must be completed.  For Instrument, you must have logged at least 10 hours of simulated or actual instrument time prior to arriving at start of course. For commercial course you must have logged a minimum of 235 hours.