IFR 3 Day Refresher

Perhaps you received your instrument rating long ago and you either have not used the skills in a while, or you feel the system or technologies have changed so much you’re no longer confident.  Perhaps your airplane has been upgraded, your original training was on analog, your new airplane is a glass panel.  Perhaps you’re looking for a very thorough instrument proficiency check.  Whichever the reason, the 3 Day IFR Refresher is probably right for you.  This course will bring you up to speed on flying IFR with an iPad or tablet in your aircraft or one of ours.  If you never learned GPS approaches, you’ll get the opportunity to dive into them here, and along the way become recurrent on all other aspects of instrument flying.  Traditional instrument training can be confusing and complicated. Sometimes even after pilots obtain a rating, they don’t feel comfortable about their new skills. These custom single-pilot instrument refresher courses are excellent for those who don’t feel they have the confidence to put their rating to use or have been out of currency for a while.

Don’t settle for a generic IPC!

Areas of Course Concentration

  • Filing
  • Understanding ATC
  • Managing your workload
  • Weather
  • Getting a usable briefing
  • Proper emergency techniques
  • Approaches / holding
  • Cross-country flight planning
  • iPad / Tablet Use
  • GPS Approaches

Exact cost for this course will vary greatly and depend upon whether you use your own aircraft or ours, and whether you choose to do the entire training from Eagle Airport as a series of day trips or perform multi-day cross country IFR trips. Please see our RATES page for specific information on rates. Operations from Eagle Airport are billed as instructional hours plus aircraft expense. Multi-day trips will incur overnight fees and travel expenses.