2 Day Backcountry Training – $4499

3 Day Backcountry Training – $6999

4 Day Backcountry Training – $9499

Multi-day backcountry training sessions takes place in a format of roughly 5-6 hour days and includes 4 hours per day of flying. This training is completed in a Cessna 182 configured specifically for backcountry operations. The majority of the training is practical with only approximately one hour spent in the classroom and additional ground school time spent during the the first day.

If you’ve never taken one of our backcountry classes, we begin this training with familiarization of the aircraft and a review of basic soft and short field technique. Our first stops will be at established airports with gravel, dirt and grass runways. Once the general technique and handling of the aircraft is established we will fly a route visiting a number of back country BLM and privately owned air strips. The specific strips will depend upon conditions and pilot skill but the list generally includes Marble, Hubbard, and Delores Point. At the end of day 1 we may return to Eagle or stay in Moab. Day 2 will visit a number of Utah strips before traveling back into Colorado.

For students that have completed the 1 day backcountry intro we will review the basic principles and then move directly to experiencing the most exciting airstrips Colorado and eastern Utah have to offer. We normally begin and end this training in Eagle, Colorado; however we can pickup students at any airport on the western slope of Colorado or in eastern Utah. Three and four day training engagements generally are done in the Idaho backcountry.

1 day backcountry can be done following a 1 day mountain training for $1999.

Depending upon performance and pilot skill there may be landing opportunities at unimproved sites (jeep trails, etc) At each landing we will be instructing the pilot on how to evaluate the landing environment and create a safe strategy for making the landing. Enroute between landing points we will teach mountain flying principles throughout the course.

Prerequisites: Prior to taking this class we recommend a 1 day mountain flying intro class.