Welcome Rusty Henson

Rusty Henson joins Alpine Flight Training this summer from Old Mexico. Learning to fly while an FAA engineer in the 70s, he continued to add airplane and helicopter instructor ratings while flying his beloved “Gladys”, a 1964 Piper Cherokee, to almost every State in the USA and from Nicaragua to the Arctic Circle.
After almost 30 years of flying the Colorado high country he moved to 500-year-old San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato in 2007. There he met a few other aviation “aficiandos” (fans) and together started “Jóvenes Águilas”, the Mexican equivalent of “Young Eagles”, to share his passion for aviation with young people there.
Rusty loves to teach and is happy to be “back in the Valley”, having worked for Vail Associates in the early days of Beaver Creek. Rusty says: ”Learning to fly and learning to fly WELL is the coolest thing you’ll ever do: the places you can go, the things you’ll see, and the people you’ll meet! “
“LET’S GO FLYING!” or, (as we say done south): “¡VAMOS A VOLAR!”