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Introduction to Colorado Backcountry Flying

Alpine Flight training is pleased to announce our newest training course. Introduction to Colorado Backcountry Flying. Colorado Backcountry Flying Introduction

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A review of Alpine Flight by Robert Currie – He passed his private checkride this last sunday!!

A bit of background may help put this review in perspective. I have always loved aviation. As my 65th birthday approached, I knew that it was time to stop dreaming about learning to fly and just start the process. Spending our winters just a one hour drive from the Eagle Airport, a quick internet search […]

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Welcome Rusty Henson

Rusty Henson joins Alpine Flight Training this summer from Old Mexico. Learning to fly while an FAA engineer in the 70s, he continued to add airplane and helicopter instructor ratings while flying his beloved “Gladys”, a 1964 Piper Cherokee, to almost every State in the USA and from Nicaragua to the Arctic Circle. After almost […]

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Flight Training Survey – We want your feedback

You trusted us to help you achieve your dream of flying. Now we’d like you to tell us about your flight training experience. We are participating in the Flight Training Experience Survey, and your feedback will help shape the flight training experience for future students.

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The Startle Response & Aviation

Surprisingly Relevant topic, considering the typical student response to an open door on takeoff. Aviation & Startle Response from lorenfrench

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Angle of Attack

Angle of Attack The “Angle of Attack” is the angle between a plane’s wing and the oncoming air (relative wind). If the angle of attack becomes too great, the wing can stall and lose lift. If a pilot fails to recognize and correct the situation, a stall could lead to loss of control of the […]

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Vmc Training – Multi-Engine

Alpine Flight Training provides all levels of multi-engine training. Vmc training is a standard part of our training curriculum. What is Vmc? Familiar to pilots of multi-engine aircraft, Vmc is the speed below which aircraft control cannot be maintained if the critical engine fails under a specific set of circumstances (see 14 CFR part 23). […]

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Maneuvering Flight

More than 25 percent of general aviation fatal accidents occur during the maneuvering phase of flight — turning, climbing, or descending close to the ground. The vast majority of these accidents involve stall/spin scenarios (half of which are while in the traffic pattern) and buzzing attempts. Stalls/Spins The majority of fatal stall/spin accidents occur at […]

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Last minute gift idea: Discovery Flight Experience Gift Certificate

Does your son or daughter, friend or spouse have an interest in aviation?  Give them a Discover Flight Experience with Alpine Flight Training located at the Eagle County Regional Airport.  The Discover Flight Experience is an excellent first step if they have interest in getting a pilots license or pursuing a career in aviation. The […]

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Give the Gift of Flight

The journey begins February 1st, 2017! Alpine Flight Training, the Colorado Rockies premier flight school is now enrolling students for our February Ground School. Reserve your spot today, seats are limited. Alpine Flight Training will be conducting a private pilot ground school beginning February 1st, 2017. The class will prepare students for flight training and […]

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