Christine Benedetti writing for Inside Aspen referred to this hike as the “Hike of a Lifetime”. The premise is simple hike from Aspen to Crested Butte, or the reverse Crested Butte to Aspen. However the devil is in the details. This hike requires transportation back to the side you started, which means 6+ hours of driving to stage a car and return to the trailhead and then retrieve the car at a later time.

All the driving also causes what would normally be a day trip to become a 2 day event with lodging required at one side or the other.

We have a simpler solution, fly between Aspen and Crested Butte. Start the morning at one side, park the car at the trailhead and take the hike – roughly 4-6 hours. Upon reaching the other side have lunch, catch a cab to the airport. Alpine flight will meet you at the airport, 30 minutes later youll be back at the airport and catch a cab back to your car.

We provide this service both directions in morning as well as the afternoon. In the morning we can take you the opposite side so you can walk back to your car. In the afternoon we take you from a completed hike back to the side that has your car. We can accommodate 1-5 adult passengers at a time depending upon weight, and as many as 6 passengers if several are children, the cost for the transfer is $1700 for the flight regardless of number of passengers.

Give us a call at 970-401-5105 to schedule.