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Looking & Scanning for Other Air Traffic

Proof that you can never stop looking for other aircraft. During a lesson today at Eagle Airport as we were taxing back to the ramp a completely unannounced aircraft suddenenly appeared on short final and proceeded to do touch-and-go’s.  Consider that Eagle Airport is a tower controlled airport with as many as 1000 operations per […]

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Aircraft Rental in Vail Eagle Colorado

Aircraft rental at the Eagle County Regional AirportAlpine Flight Training offers pilot training and aircraft rental in the Vail Valley.  Our aircraft is a Diamond DA-20 Eclipse, commonly referred to as a Katana and is the later generation of the …

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Aircraft Checklists

The importance of learning to use and using checklists. One element of inital flight training that new pilots often rebel against is the use of checklists. Over and over I hear brand new students pilots ask the same questions. Why do I need to use a checklist, why not just memorize the items and operate […]

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