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A great online resource for Mountain Flying

I frequently get e-mails asking for recommendations on the best books, online training and videos for the topic of mountain flying.  Usually, whenever I schedule a student for the training they also ask… “Should I read anything before I come?”

In terms of books, Sparky Emerson has a couple great books, excellent detail.  If you read his series of books on the topic you’ll be well versed.  If you don’t have the time available then another resource I can’t promote enough is the AOPA Air Safety Foundation online Mountain Flying Course.

This online course is fantastic.  What’s better, it can be completed in several hours.  While it does not take the place of an in depth study, this online course is an excellent way to prepare for a mountain training course or a way to refresh your knowledge prior to mountain flight.

Of course the best training is by doing, and Alpine Flight Training provides mountain flying seminars of 1 and 2 days in length to give you the practical real-world experience of flying in the mountains.  Call for more information at 970-401-5105

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