Mountain Flight Training in Colorado

If you’re interested in flight training with an emphasis on extending your knowledge with some mountain flight training then Colorado is the place to come to, and Alpine Flight Training can provide the instruction.  We operate from Eagle County Regional airport, located in the central Colorado Rockies.  Whether for several hours, or for several days, Alpine Flight Training instructors will show you what it takes to fly safely in the mountains.  Each mountain flight training instruction session is specifically tailored to the student.  We can provide training in your aircraft or our rental Katana.

Throughout each session, we will build on your aviation knowledge and airman-ship by presenting opportunities for hands-on practice and application of learning on some of Colorado’s mountain airports including Steamboat, Eagle, Aspen, Telluride, Glenwood Springs, Gunnison.  We’ll also show you how to navigate the mountain passes and give you strategies for dealing with mountain weather in a small aircraft.



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