Multi-Engine Instructor Rating – Colorado

Adding a Multi-Engine Instructor rating is a huge asset for any instructor. Not only does it demonstrate the highest level of technical teaching proficiency, but allows an instructor to build valuable experience. To obtain an MEI rating, a flight instructor must already have his/her CFI rating and five hours of pilot-in-command time of whichever multi-engine plane he is instructing in. Alpine Flight Training’s MEI course covers multi-engine aerodynamics, systems & performance, engine-out operations & instrument flight through actual airborne practice and ground discussion.

Course Objectives:
The course is designed to provide the multi-engine pilot with the multi-engine flight training necessary to meet the (MEI) requirements. In order to be eligible for the Multi-Engine Instructor Rating you must fulfill the 15 hour Pilot in Command requirement.

Ground Training Includes:
aerodynamics and the principles of flight; aircraft systems; meteorology and weather data services; airspace; air traffic control; radio communications; federal aviation regulations; aero medical factors; aeronautical charts and associated publications; aircraft performance and limitations; basic and radio navigation; night flying procedures; flight planning; flight maneuvers; and ground operations.

Flight Training Includes:
preflight procedures; airport operations; takeoffs and landings; performance maneuvers; ground reference maneuvers; navigation and cross-country operations; basic instrument maneuvers; stalls; emergency operations; night operations; and pre/post flight briefings.


At least 15 hours of PIC multi-engine time
Hold a current CFI license
Hold a current commercial license with a multi-engine rating
Proficient in complex aircraft
Hold at least a 3nd class medical

This training program can normally be completed in as short as 3-4 days depending upon a pilot’s own instructional and muti-engine proficiency.

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