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Alpine Flight Receives FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Approval to Begin Air Taxi Services to and from Eagle County Regional Airport

Alpine Flight is pleased to announce the receipt of FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Approval to Begin Air Taxi Services to and from Eagle County Regional Airport 

Gypsum, CO June 24, 2016 – Alpine Flight ( is pleased to announce the receipt of FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Approval to Begin Air Taxi Services to and from Eagle County Regional Airport. Alpine Flight’s Air Taxi Service specializes in providing fast and easy access between nearly any two airports in Colorado and the surrounding states with on-demand air taxi and charter services, saving passengers valuable time.

“In Colorado alone there are 79 public airports. Airline service is available at 14 of them.  We are able to provide access to 75 of the 79 public airports as well as a number of private air strips.  This service is all about making travel efficient by flying direct between the airports that are closest.” Loren French, President, Alpine Flight

Alpine Flight utilizes Piper Seneca, an aircraft known for its safety features, class performance, and economical attributes. Flying at 200 mph (miles per hour), the six passenger twin engine plane helps clients travel quickly and avoid long drive times, particularly during the summer months when vacationers and road construction make getting from one place to another time consuming and costly. The service is ideal for traveling business professionals – architects, engineers, contractors, and more – who need to quickly commute to a site or business meeting. 

“For example, from the Eagle County Airport to Durango, drive time is five to six hours. Traveling via commercial air service takes the same five to six hours including the connections and time in security. Alpine Flight air taxi can make that same trip direct from Eagle County Regional Airport to Durango in just under one hour.  For a professional this is a game changer, it’s the ability to depart in the morning, conduct your business, and return the same day – saving time and money on lodging and rental cars effectively turning a three-day trip into a single day.” Loren French, President, Alpine Flight

Travelers will appreciate the fact that Alpine Flight offers straightforward pricing with no hidden costs added along the way. In addition, Alpine Flight Air Taxi service offers a respite from TSA security lines and flight departure deadlines – with Alpine Flight, clients depart and return according to their schedule. Alpine Flight’s Seneca aircraft is the perfect choice for rural airports with its exceptional short field capabilities. Alpine Flight’s passengers also enjoy the ease of boarding, natural leather ergonomically designed seats, a comfortable interior, and ample luggage storage.

The FAA Part 135 Air Carrier approval comes on the heels of nearly 18 months of effort to launch this new air taxi service. Passengers can rest assured that each flight is conducted by a professional Airline Transport Rated Pilot at the controls. In addition to air taxi and charter services, Alpine Flight based at the Eagle County Regional Airport also provides flight instruction, and scenic air tours.

“This new service is unique in this market. In our region there are many charter options for jet and large turbo-prop aircraft, but smaller aircraft that offer excellent value proposition, ideal for short range travel with groups of 1-3 people is something that has not been commonly available.  During the last five years, small aircraft air taxi has become an extremely popular mode of transportation in the eastern US for connecting regional cities throughout the congested eastern seaboard.  These smaller aircraft provide excellent utility and cost effectiveness for short range regional air transportation.  Our goal is to bring those same benefits to the central Rockies.  We’re excited to see the market demand for this new service and plan to expand our fleet as demand warrants.”  Loren French, President, Alpine Flight

About Alpine Flight 

Alpine Flight ( is locally owned and operated, based at the Eagle County Regional Airport, Gypsum, Colorado. Serving the area since 2006, Alpine Flight was originally founded as a flight school providing initial training for private pilots.  In the years that followed Alpine Flight expanded training offerings to include instrument and commercial pilot training and aircraft rental.  In 2012, Alpine Flight received authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration to offer scenic air tours over the Vail Valley and Roaring Fork Valley.  With this most recent certification Alpine Flight is now a Part 135 Air Carrier approved and authorized by the FAA to conduct on-demand air taxi and charter operations. Currently, Alpine Flight also offers all levels of flight instruction (private, instrument and commercial multi-engine/single engine), specialized mountain flight training, aircraft rental, and private scenic air tours departing from the Eagle County Regional Airport.

Contact Details: 

Loren French

President, Alpine Flight

PO Box 1611

Gypsum, CO 81637

(970) 401-5105




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